New Group Hutch Fence for Pre-Weaned Calves

A high quality, practical fence for group rearing calves from birth to weaning.

•Use with the Calf-Tel Multimax group hutch
•British made from 25mm box galvanised steel
•Front gate for easy access
•Easyassembly and storage with l-rod and loops
•Set up as individual or linked pens
•Uses full size hutch-to-fence attachments
•Easy to attach feeding equipment
•Pen size is 2.81m x 2.81m x 1m high
•Over 13sqm of usable calf space including the hutch

Farmers who have had to stop using single hutches are increasingly using our group hutches to rear calves from birth. They tell us this still reduces disease and use of antibiotics, while allowing calves the required social contact.

This new fence is the same strength and quality as our full-size fence, just sized for smaller calves and priced accordingly. Available now only from Intershape Ltd.

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