Hoofcount launches Lameness Cost Calculator App A new App designed to inform dairy producers of the cost of lameness versus the cost benefits of footbathing will be launched by Hoofcount at DairyTech 2023.

Called the Hoofcount Lameness Cost Calculator, the App enables farmers to calculate the cost of lameness to their herd according to current incidence level based on AHDB data. Users are then able to evaluate the estimated cost savings made following the installation of a Hoofcount footbath based on data from over 1,000 farms recording reduced lameness and digital dermatitis.

The App also helps Hoofcount footbath users to calculate running costs per cow and per year, the level of chemical used and when to reorder more, and to contact the company direct for servicing and upgrades. Plans are to extend its scope to share lameness data from hoof trimmersrecording Apps to provide herd managers with up to date and relevant costings for their respective herds.

Hoofcount’s Anthony Marsh comments: “This App is designed toraise awareness amongst farmers who have yet to invest in a footbath of the cost of lameness and potential savings to be made, whilst for those who already have a Hoofcount footbath, the App will give them seamless control and support to ensure the system remains efficient at all times.”

The Hoofcount Lameness Cost Calculator App is available in four different currencies and can be download free of charge for Apple or Android.

Further details from Anthony Marsh on 01995 603028.