For the third year running Hi Peak Feeds – the UK’s only 100% organic feed mill which serves the whole of the UK – is once again ensuring the organic dairy flag flies high and proud at the RABDF’s Dairy-Tech show in February, by sponsoring another organic discussion session at the event’s “Hub” session. Last year Hi Peak kicked-off the hugely successful sessions with the first debate of the day, drawing a large audience.

The discussion will have the theme “Tailwinds and turbulence in organic dairy trade”. OMSCO’s managing director Richard Hampton will speak on the opportunities and threats it is facing with its exports to Europe with Brexit, and also to the United States given the row between that country and the EU on Airbus tariffs which has resulted in recriminatory tariffs on EU cheese exports, including those from the UK. Harriet O’Regan, Marketing Director of the Organic Trade Board, will speak on issues and developments in the UK. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session, and the session will be chaired by dairy journalist and British Dairying commentator Chris Walkland.

“Last year’s session was extremely informative and I am sure 2019’s will be equally so,” says Pete Griffin, general manager of Hi Peak Feeds, which is owned by Devenish Nutrition. “Our objective in running the discussion is to make sure organic dairying is represented at Dairy-Tech, and to try and

help move the organic category forward if we can,” he adds.

“I am delighted to once again help facilitate these discussions at the event, and look forward to welcoming everyone to the forum.”

The organic debate will be held in the Dairy Hub area in the centre of the show in Hall 2, and will start at 11.00 prompt.

About Hi Peak:

Hi Peak is the UK and Ireland’s only 100% organic feed mill, producing a range of feeds, blends and speciality products from its mill in Sheffield. Offering nationwide delivery, it is dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions for the organic sector through their research and development programme. It can be contacted on 0114 248 0608, and at