Based out of the world-famous City of Innovation, Cambridge UK. Herdsy is a herd tracking and analytics company with a difference. Unlike other firms in the industry who promote activity and health tracking. Herdsy takes this a step further and concentrates on the number one issue for livestock farmers globally namely profitability. Healthy cows are good but profitable ones are better, as farming is a business and like any business profitability is key.

As a young company Herdsy has recently seen phenomenal growth, gaining new customers in markets as diverse as China & South Africa, winning international awards and being nominated in 2018 & 2019 as a Finalist in Cambridge Agtech Company of the Year, all within just 3 years.

Herdsy is the next generation in livestock tracking and conservation technology being inexpensive to use, plug & play and cloud based -Only tag system in the world that can be used on any Farm Animal, making it flexible & Cost effective -Delivers Geo-Fencing, Advance Grazing Management & Theft- Predation Alerts -Labour saving activities,  acting as a “Second Shepard” -Uses Sensors & AI to measure and predict animal value and market readiness. -Herdsy is the Only Agtech Company in the world that Samsung chosen to Partner with.

Herdsy seeks to continue its mission “Farming for Everyone”, in North America, believing that Agritech should be available to all at an affordable price.  Herdsy is open to meet partners such as Farming groups, Distributors, Co-Op’s as well as potential investors that can help it expand across the UK & Europe.