New programme launched

Grassmanship, a new programme to help dairy farmers make more from grass has been launched by crop protection company, Nufarm.

Advice on best choice of a range of products to counter the most commonly occurring weed problems in both pasture and conservation swards is featured in Grassmanship’s handbook, together with advice on their time of application. It also explains how beyond just tidying up, controlling weeds can give a significant financial return.

“Weed control is far from the top of the list of livestock farmers priorities, according to a recent independent survey,” explains Nufarm’s Simon Bishop. “However, recent trial findings show that herbicide applied at the correct time can help to optimise grass performance and productivity and deliver a clear cost benefit in terms of improved dry matter per hectare.

“Grassmanship is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that enable dairy farmers to do just that, and in turn optimise grass production.The programme focuses on broad spectrum weed control in new leys and established leys with clover-safe options.”

The Grassmanship booklet is available from Nufarm on Visit us at Dairy-Tech.

Stand number B6