Grass SAT is a digital tool making it much easier for dairy, beef and sheep farmers to manage their paddocks, grazing and silage more effectively.

Grass SAT is powered by a sophisticated grass growth model that monitors over 20 different data sets including daily weather, soil, earth observation (from satellites) and management activities (that users enter into the tool themselves). The model makes hundreds of complex calculations many times every day, from which valuable information can be derived about soil properties, grass characteristics and the grass growth rates (kg DM/ha).

Benefits include:

  • No time to go out and measure your paddocks? Grass SAT calculates daily grass cover values without the need for manual measurements.
  • Improve pasture quality and productivity to increase your farmโ€™s profits.
  • Make better business decision by analysing your farmโ€™s past performance to inform short and long-term planning and investment.

Weโ€™re launching a new version of Grass SAT that includes:

  • A mobile app to enable famers to access the tool real-time, in the field
    • Key performance indicators accessed via an interactive dashboard reporting at farm and paddock level to help decision support including:
    • Year-to-date volumes of grass cover kg DM/ha performance
    • Grazing and cutting volumes
  • Paddock comparisons overlaid with activities, e.g. fertiliser application
  • Enhanced grass growth modelling
  • Greater satellite imagery updates

Here is a short video showcasing Grass SAT:

Here is the Grass SAT website: