• App controlled system-setting and monitoring, locally or across the internet
  • Can control multiple side curtains, variable and/or fixed speed fans in multiple buildings or zones
  • Charts & reporting (real time and historical)
  • Critical alarms by text and/or email
  • Multi-user with multi-permission levels
  • iOS and Android

This is a full system configured with Zones, Areas and Devices. A site can have multiple buildings (Zones), each building has a number of temperature-controlled spaces (Areas) and each space can have a number of VVS curtains, fans and sensors (Devices).

Control settings can be applied to Zones, Areas or Devices depending on how the overall system is to be managed. Input Devices can be sensors or switches. External analogue sensors (similar to the existing VentLogic Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Rain sensors) can be connected using a sensor input/output board which is then linked to the system by a Modbus 485 connection to the Master or Driver controllers.

Self-discoverable temperature sensors, using a ‘1-wire’ connection, can be connected directly to the Master or Driver controllers allowing for easier routing of wires.

Future development of the app will allow other ‘1-wire’ sensors to be included.

Output Devices, such as curtains and fans, are controlled by Drivers which are connected to the Master controller using a Modbus RS485 communication connection.

Galebreaker will be demonstrating our new app at Dairy Tech where you will be able to try out the interface and see what the app can.