Based on the Feed2Milk (f2M) vision incorporating the Cow Model, this uses client herd details to enable rationing of the whole herd and deliver feed advice for milking heifers, 2nd calvers and older cows across all stages of lactation. Dry NIR forge analysis is its start point with results auto downloaded into the client file for improved accuracy. The ration is then built from a library of Total Feeds – daily synchronisation ensures all ingredient and product specifications are live and accurate.The ability to ration Dairy, Dry Cow and Heifer rations in the same area of the program and record Feed Efficiency of the milking ration at each ration change enables our customers to get greater overall efficiency.  Optifeed also promotes the team approach to deliver the right advice to our farmers, for example our VITA Youngstock specialists can check the Heifer rations in line with Target 24 or our AMS specialists can check concentrate settings.  The next developments of the program are in optimising the ration solution to amino acids, balancing the ration to avoid wasting nutrients and recording and reporting methane with a carbon footprint level.

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