FIBRAQUA is a new complementary feed designed for calves, lambs, kid goats, buffaloes in digestive distress. It is used for a fast rehydration and good transit regulation. As a true “2 in 1”, presented in powder form, FIBRAQUA is easily mixed with whole milk. FIBRAQUA is very easy to use and very palatable, it can be used for preventive action or after the first symptoms of scours to quickly enhance the general health of the animal. FIBRAQUA can be used in conventional and organic farm.

FIBRAQUA offers a double action: it regulates gut transit AND rehydrates the animals. FIBRAQUA can be used either in conventional farm or organic farm. FIBRAQUA is closely adjusted to the real needs of the young mammals. FIBRAQUA is hyper-soluble.

FIBRAQUA presents:

  • Electrolytes supply close to plasma for fast rehydration.
  • High osmolarity added with high sugar level (>30g/L) to maintain blood glucose level and high level of energy intake.
  • Alkalinizing power with SID (Strong Ion Difference) = 76, good balance to prevent the risk of acidosis.
  • High level of fibers for high water intake, reduction of water loss, so good regulation of the gut transit.
  • High level of natural polyphenols to reduce oxidative stress.
    Feeding instructions:
    In addition to mother’s milk or milk replacer: mix 50g of FIBRAQUA in the meal, twice a day for 8 to 10 days.
    In case of digestive trouble (scours, diarrhoeas) during and after these, double the dose of FIBRAQUA:
    100g of FIBRAQUA in 2 litres of warm water (40°C) or in the meal 2 or 3 times a day for 3 to 4 days depending on the severity.
    FIBRAQUA is Two in One: no need for two different products.
    Bucket: 1 dose of FIBRAQUA = 1 meal
    Sachet: 1 sachet of FIBRAQUA = 1 meal

Shelf life : 18 months