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For 60+years Timac Agro has worked alongside farmers and processors to sustainably and efficiently rear livestock and produce crops by improving soil and livestock health.

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  • Actisan 360 Bedding & Cubicle Drying Sanitizer

    What is ACTISAN 360? • A natural complex to sanitise, absorb moisture and reduce odours • A formulation of plant extracts, mineral salts and aromatic compounds • Sanitising agent - Acidifies the bedding to limit the influence of common pathogens • Plant extracts and mineral salts - Class-leading ammonia and moisture absorption Litter drying: Actisan 360 will absorb 3 times its volume in moisture pH Management: Actisan 360 gently acidifies the bedding to encourage beneficial bacteria populations and reduce ammonia volatilisation Ammonia and odour control: Mineral, organic and aromatic components retain ammonia, work-ing as a Nitrogen "sponge“ and considerably reducing the risk of respiratory issues It improves the atmosphere and thus comfort for livestock and breeder by reducing and neutralising bad odours.