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Manufacturer's of SlurryForSoil, the only slurry inoculant designed specifically for plant and soil health. SlurryForSoil is proven to increase grass quality and yields while reducing the need for fertiliser and lowering carbon footprints.

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  • SlurryForSoil™

    SLURRYFORSOIL™ is the only slurry inoculant specifically designed for soil and plant health • Uses advanced, second-generation microbial technology • Contains 18 different plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi • Turns slurry into a highly effective bioactive fertiliser SlurryForSoil™’s microbes have been chosen for their abilities to enhance soil structure, health, and productivity. It makes slurry handling quicker, mobilises and retains nutrients, as well as reducing odour. The bacteria and fungi are proven to increase grass root growth and yields too. Ultimately, SlurryForSoil™ increases productivity, reduces costs and benefits the environment. At this year's event we will be launching a new formulation. Four times more concentrated than the original, the new formulations gives users the same performance at a fraction of the cost while also reducing the packaging required, and lowering the weight. Join us to find out more and take advantage of our at-show offer.


  • SlurryForSoil

    SlurryForSoil is the only slurry inoculant designed specifically for plant and soil health. Find out more about the benefits it could bring to your farm.

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