Sand Separation Systems




Sand Separation Systems Ltd provides products for the separation and recovery of bedding sand for re-use. Our product range includes rundown and drum screens for separating coarse fibre/debris and units for the recovery of sand either directly from dilute Sand laden Slurry or after separation in a sand lane.

Products & Services

  • SBR Sand Bedding Recovery Unit

    Sand Separation Systems Ltd will be launching its Sand Bedding Recovery (SBR) unit at Dairy Tech 2024. The Unit is designed and built in the UK to meet the specific needs of UK farmers who prefer to bed their cows on fine grained sand. The patent pending Unit recovers sand from diluted slurry and dewaters it to the consistency of newly delivered sand. An optional fresh water/disinfectant rinse can be added to the Unit to flush away any residual slurry and sterilise the sand.
  • Sand Lane Recovery System

    Our Sand Lane Recovery System is designed to allow the early re-use of sand recovered from sand lanes. The sand is loaded into a hopper and fed via a screw conveyor onto a dewatering screen where the excess slurry liquor (containing most of the bacteria) is removed. Optionally the unit can be fitted with either a clean water or biocide rinse to further improve the sand quality.


  • Sand Bedding Recovery Unit

    Sand Bedding Recovery Unit (SBR) separating bedding sand from dilute dairy cow slurry
  • Sand Lane Recovery Unit

    Cleaning sand from a sand lane for re-use