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At Platts Agriculture, our goal is to help farmers improve milk yields and quality, by supplying cubicle conditioner products to promote dry hygienic cubicles.

Products & Services

  • Platts Powderbed

    Powder Bed was developed by Platts to provide a hygienic and comfortable cubicle drying solution for your dairy cows, using a unique, super fine consistency of softwood sawdust to ensure a dry and clean environment. Find out more at
  • Platts Finebed

    Fine Bed® cubicle conditioner is designed to be used sparingly on the mat or mattress, to control moisture and keep cattle clean and hygienic. Since it’s so fine and 100% dry, only one large cup of product is required per cow mat- meaning a bag covers up to 50 cubicles! We recommend bedding twice daily – little and often! Find out more at


  • Meet Our Customers - Find out why Mr Johnson uses Platts Finebed

    5th Generation farmer, Craig Johnson currently milks 100 cows, bedded on cow mats, and topped with our Finebed, running the farm with his brother and father. Watch along to find out why they rate Platts Finebed for keeping their herd clean, dry and productive.

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