OxDrive Ltd



OxDrive manufactures fully integrated, compact and durable electric drives for agritech. OxDrive e-hubs are typically sold direct to vehicle manufacturers to provide the high torque propulsion required for their products.
OxDrive also offers the GoFAR small format autonomous platform. Directly targeted at swarm robotics providers, the GoFAR is the moving platform/vehicle upon which providers can build their computer systems, robotics and services.

Products & Services

  • 0.8kW e-hubs

    The 0.8kW OxDrive is developed for small format electric autonomous vehicles, including swarm robotics, scanning and lighter produce transportation. Offering exceptional torque and durability in a compact format, the e-hubs give service providers, robotics developers and platform manufacturers the robust propulsion required to create a commercial product.
  • 8kW e-hubs

    The 8kW OxDrive is developed for medium format electric vehicles, whether autonomous or manually driven. Typical applications include All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), small to medium format tractors and specialist functions such as crop sprayers up to 9T. (Image shows 8kW OxDrive e-hubs fitted to the ARWAC V5 vehicle)
  • GoFAR platform (with 0.8kW OxDrive e-hubs)

    The GoFAR autonomous vehicle, fitted with 0.8kW OxDrive e-hubs, is designed as a ‘vanilla’ platform onto which robotics, scanning, transport and feeding systems can be built. This enables service providers to concentrate on the development of their unique service, whilst benefiting from a robust and well supported platform. The GoFAR will be undertaking runs in the Demonstration Area of Dairy-Tech 2024.
  • Dynium Tractor

    The Dynium autonomous electric tractor, developed ready for 8kW OxDrive e-hubs, offers extremely high torque rugged platform for a range of traditional applications. The Dynium combines autonomy and electrification to produce the best commercial case, and is developed as a platform through which automation and robotics specialists can provide the best possible service. The Dynium autonomous electric tractor will be available to view in the Demonstration Area of Dairy-Tech 2024.