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One of the world's leaders in dairy intelligence products and services and continue to add value to our customers with components for milking equipment.

Products & Services

  • AMS liners

    "After a short time, we could already see many improvements in milking performance!" The new ULTRALINER AMS TLC-01 (triangular) and AMS RLC-01 (round) are high-flow milking liners, designed to optimise the milking performance of your robot. Both versions are available with vented technology, to preserve milk quality and cows' health. Visit us, we can't wait to help you choose the most suitable option for you!
  • Impulse Air technology

    "I’ve told anyone that is having issues with unsettled heifers to just put in Impulse Air liners because they will change their life!" Our technology has been tried and tested for over 10 years on the European market, ensuring great results for thousands of farmers. These vented liners ensure: - Gentle teat massage; - Improved teat condition and less hyperkeratosis; - Lighter cluster (only 1.7kg), easier on the cow and the operator. If your aim is to improve your cows' wellbeing and milking performance, visit us to learn more!
  • Cluster Exchange Service

    "We don't worry about mastitis anymore!" CES allows the lease of complete fully warranted milking clusters. We dispatch brand new clusters direct to the farm, ready for installation. Meaning no more changing liners! The used clusters are taken back, inspected, and serviced: easy & fast. What you would get: - Save on labour and time; - Peace of mind: your clusters are warranted and we will stock you up with spare claw parts. - Accurate reports on your wash system performance with our liner scoring service. Imagine having more free time while knowing that your cows are milked with reliable, high-quality clusters. Visit us to make it possible!
  • Tag Exchange Service

    "Increased heat detection and healthier cows: this is what I achieved!" We lease neck tags straight to the farmer with reduced upfront costs. The service allows you to keep track of your animals 24/7. Here's what you get: - Save you time, money, and cows by detecting signs of illness early; - Peace of mind, knowing your tags are fully warranted; - Access to data anywhere and anytime! Make the right chioce for your herd: visit us!


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