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Marlow Ropes is a leading UK rope manufacturer specialising in engineered fibre rope solutions for a variety of applications across the agricultural, lifting, energy, marine and wire-rope replacement industries. With a history dating back over two hundred years, Marlow is known for quality and performance and has innovated a range of light-weight, high-strength, rot-resistant ropes used in slurry scraping and provides rope solutions for post drivers, milking and hoofing machinery.

Products & Services

  • Slurry Scraper Rope

    Marlow Scraper Rope has a low stretch, high strength 12-strand HMPE fibre construction and is protected with coated polyurethane fibres to improve abrasion resistance and protect from the ingress of dirt, grit and slurry. BENEFITS: Low stretch, high strength Easy to splice, Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance Good UV resistance Virtually no recoil No wire splinters Reduced risk of injury to animals


  • Marlow Ropes Company Introduction

    Marlow Ropes is the leading UK rope manufacturer with a history dating back over 200 years, and now operating globally across diverse market sectors including Leisure Marine, Defence, Arboriculture, Agriculture, Wind Energy, Rope Access, Aerospace, Robotics and many more. In this company introduction find out who we are, what we do and why sustainability is so important to us. Visit for more information.

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