For 54 years Krka has been developing animal health solutions. Come and speak to us about our Tolracol range for coccidiosis management in cows and sheep.

Products & Services

  • Tolracol - coccidiosis prevention in one dose

    Tolracol is licensed for prevention of clinical signs of coccidiosis in cattle, sheep and pigs. With two cost effective pack sizes and only one dose needed. Research has shown toltrazuril’s protective effect persists longer in the animal than diclazuril. It has also been shown to have significantly higher efficacy than diclazuril in reducing the duration and volume of oocyst excretion in lambs*. (*Reference Diaferia et al Efficacy of Toltrazuril 5% solution in the control of Eimeria spp in lambs. Parasitology Research 2013.112(1) p163-168).


  • Krka Tolracol

    The use and benefits of Krka Tolracol for the prevention of coccidiosis in calves, sheep and pigs

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