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Island Ropes are a synthetic rope supplier based in Ledbury, Herefordshire. We specialise in supplying synthetic ropes for commercial applications around the UK and Europe.

A lot of our ropes are used in some of the UKs largest infrastructure projects, as well as behind the scenes in sports stadia as part of camera rigging systems.

For the past couple of years one of our focus markets has been in the dairy industry. A lot of our ropes are used in scrapers systems around the UK and Europe. At Island we hold replacement scraper ropes in stock and can often supply in days, not weeks.

Products & Services

  • 12-Strand OX40 HMPE

    Premium low stretch, high strength ropes for many of the well known scraper systems on the market. This is available in diameters from 10mm-12mm (other diameters on request). We are able to supply this in any length you may require.
  • 3-Strand Polyester

    A premium 20mm polyester twisted rope used in a lot of sand scraper systems. This product is available in 220m coils.
  • 3-Strand Polysteel

    A budget 20mm Polysteel rope for sand scraper systems. This product is available in 220m coils.


  • Introducing Island Ropes

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