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Technology in calf feeding supports you and your team to achieve your rearing goals. Whether calf feeders, MilkTaxi, modern animal weighing scales or calf barns with a healthy outdoor climate: you'll find the right product for you at Holm & Laue. We will be happy to support you, because we are both passionate about calves

Products & Services

  • The Milktaxi

    MilkTaxi Convenient bu1cket feeding: the mobile milk tank enables individual calf feeding through pen recognition, flexible feeding curves, Dry matter calculation
  • Holm & Laue Igloo

    Outdoor social group husbandry: up to 14 calves can be raised here in a healthy, open-plan igloo with an innovative ventilation system.
  • CalfExpert automatic feeder

    CalfExpert THE modern calf feeder with individual calf feeding, Milk powder, whole milk system or a mix of both, intuitive control of the graphic display and many other features. CalfExpert is a calf feeder that has been developed to meet the latest standards in calf feeding. State-of-the-art feeding technology ensures that the milk for the calves is always freshly mixed. It does not matter whether milk replacer or pasteurised whole milk is used. CalfExpert prepares the milk automatically and individually for each animal. You, as farmer, remain completely flexible in your work schedule while calves are fed 24/7. The calf feeder takes your calf rearing management to a whole new level. Intuitive operation via the graphic display and the link to the CalfGuide mobile app make it easier for you and your team to monitor your animals. All the information about your calves, status reports and alerts are at your fingertips in the app and directly on the calf feeder at all times. Different feeding programmes form the basis of successful and performance-oriented calf rearing in automatic calf feeding. Labour savings and complete supervision included.


  • CalfExpert

    The modern way off feeding your youngstock

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