Hanskamp AgroTech B.V




Hanskamp is a technical innovation company based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. We develop and sell practical solutions for dairy farmers throughout the EU and beyond.

The focus here is on higher animal health, better animal welfare and more ease of work for the dairy farmer. At Hanskamp, we confidently work on technological innovations that are easy to apply for everyone in the dairy sector and contribute to a pleasant barn climate and healthy cows that are free of stress.

Products & Services

  • DeltaFeeder - compact anti-spill feed dispenser

    With a focus on durability, simplicity, and precision, the DeltaFeeder is set to revolutionize the way cows are fed during milking, resulting in increased milk production and relaxed cows. Feeding the cow during milking ensures a peak concentration of the oxytocin hormone, which makes the cow let go of milk more easily and quickly, so milking will takes less time. With the DeltaFeeder, the feed is distributed during milking, so that all cows are busy during the entire milking time, resulting in relaxed cows during milking and in many cases higher milk production. * Antispil * Easy to mount * Can be linked to every system * Dispense in small portion of 50 grams during milking time * Low energy consumption * Economical investment * Low maintenance costs * Relaxed cows * Higher milk production

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