EnviroSystems (UK) Ltd




Manufacturer/supplier of innovative products - livestock bedding, slurry/silage inoculants and teat care - helping our customers achieve sustainable, profitable farms.

Products & Services

  • EnviroBed - Dairy cow bedding

    EnviroBed® is made from 100% recycled paper crumble and dried to 95% dry matter using renewable heat, providing a sustainable livestock bedding for use on farms. Highly absorbent (5x more than sawdust, 10x more than straw) Absorbs urine and leaked milk quickly, leading to more hygienic livestock and cubicles..
  • SlurryBugs - Slurry Inoculant

    A new slurry inoculant containing specialised strains of bacteria and fungi has been found to reduce crust formation on slurry stores by almost a third, helping farmers to improve slurry management and reduce the need for bought-in fertilisers
  • OptiSile - Silage Inoculants

    OptiSile silage inoculants employ a triple strain bacterial approach to ensure: Rapid fermentation and protection against bacteria, protection during storage against mycotoxin fungi and long term stability once the clamp face is opened and exposed to oxygen.
  • EnviroCare Teat - Antimicrobial Teat Dip

    A naturally derived broad spectrum antimicrobial teat dip and spray, which leaves the skin soft and nourished. Proven activity against E. coli, Staph aureus and Strep uberis. Contains a high level of emollients which prioritises teat health and condition. Can be used for both pre and post milking.
  • Cobiotex - Bacterial bedding additive

    A bacterial bedding additive which outcompetes pathogenic bacteria, producing a more hygienic and controlled bedding environment. Reduces the risk of environmental mastitis and digital dermatitis. Reduces somatic cell counts. Multi-strain bacteria so no risk of resistance. Increased absorbency. Easy and quick to apply

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