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DietCheck – the ration formulation software that puts you in control of your feeding decisions

Products & Services

  • DietCheck for Nutritionists & Consultants

    DietCheck is the “go to” software for Farm Consultants and Nutritionists, enabling the formulation of diets quickly and precisely. Whether the need is to formulate a simple diet or a complex set of diets for numerous animal groups on multiple farms. DietCheck makes it easy. It’s a great commercial tool, saving you time and money, with a reporting system that presents data to your clients in a clear, comprehensive, professional way. We understand the benefit of formulating precise diets to improve animal health, support high performing animals and to aid farm profitability. DietCheck’s feature rich functionality is intuitive and easy to use and incorporates the latest animal nutritional models to enable accurate and predictive responses to dietary changes. Our software support is first class and we can offer individual or company-wide training sessions should you require. With practical farming and advisory experience, the DietCheck team can provide the best all-round support. The software can be configured as a stand alone system or as a network version and all packages are customisable.
  • DietCheck for Farmers

    Used by farmers across the globe, our customers know that DietCheck is the quick, easy and reliable way to formulate diets. We understand that the cost and composition of inputs are constantly changing, so our clients need a system with flexibility. DietCheck has the functionality to calculate the most cost effective and most productive diets. Simply import the analysis of home-grown forages and re-optimise to ensure best use from what is usually your cheapest feed. Software support from our team at DietCheck is first class. With practical farming and advisory experience, we understand the benefits of formulating diets to maximise animal health and profitability.
  • DietCheck for Veterinary Professions

    Veterinary professionals across the globe have been using DietCheck to formulate diets for ruminants, poultry and pigs for over 20 years. Our software support team understand the important connection between diet and animal health. DietCheck takes into consideration the complex dietary needs of animals and the need for vets to influence nutrition to minimise metabolic disease and other health issues. DietCheck enables the user to import client files, allows for quick and easy entering of client specific details and formulates diets in a matter of minutes. DietCheck comes pre-loaded with an extensive range of feed ingredients. Simply import or enter farm grown feeds, set up the animal criteria and you are good to go. Benefit from software support from our team at DietCheck and we can offer individual, or company-wide training sessions should you require. With practical farming and advisory experience, the team understands the benefits of formulating diets to maximise animal health.

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