Silos - Capacities up to 55t with a range of discharge options. FeedAlert - Remote Silo Monitoring for ANY make of silo, view feed levels 24/7.

Products & Services

  • County Range HS5 - High Level Side Discharge Silo

    Designed and engineered to fill mixer wagons. In the world of silos, the HS5 is unique. The combination of a true 90/50 side discharge cone, smooth walls and extended legs allows feed to reliably flow into a Mixer Wagon whenever it's feeding time. No additional machinery or augers required, the HS5 is powered by gravity. Capacities available from 8 - 30 tonnes
  • County Range T1 Snacker

    Designed to facilitate fast and easy filling of Snackers, Bags or Barrows. The T1's tri-legged design and adjustable, multi position chute easily accommodates discharge into a variety of feeding equipment. If you're thinking of making the move from bagged feed to bulk deliveries the T1 is the ideal silo. The benefits of making the move; reduced manual labour, savings on bulk delivery costs, hygienic feed discharge and no bag disposal. Capacities available from 4 - 15 tonnes
  • County Range S1 Silo

    The go-to Parlour silo! The S1 silo can be found on thousands of dairy farms throughout the UK hygienically storing feed for the girls! The smooth internal walls and the 60° cone keep feed flowing into the conveyor which transports the feed onwards into the parlour feeders. Capacities available from 7 - 35 tonnes.
  • FeedAlert - Silo Monitoring

    Transform the way you work to manage, predict and optimise feed management with FeedAlert. Systems suitable for ALL types of silo, not just Collinson. / Prevent stressful feed outages or labour intensive over orders / Timely, efficient feed re-ordering / Feed usage history / Forecasting for delivery planning Systems available from £450

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