AIC Services: Feed Adviser Register and Forage Analysis Assurance Group




FAR - a professional register for those giving feeding advice on livestock farms, for ruminants, pig, poultry and game. Registered Feed Advisers complete detailed training on animal nutrition and feeding advice as well as annual update training on relevant topics. FAR celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023. Find out more at
The FAA Group ensures consistent and reliable silage analysis from member laboratories via a robust proficiency testing scheme. This is important as understanding the nutritional analysis of silage helps to utilise that feed source to its maximum benefit and provide accurate data for Feed Advisers and nutritionists to work with. Find out more about analysis, sampling techniques and benefits of measuring at


  • The role of the Feed Adviser Register in UK agriculture

    This short animation video looks at the role of the feed adviser register (FAR). The register was set up by AIC and the feed sector in response to the Government's commitment and industry and customer demands to reduce emissions from farmed livestock.
  • Forage Analysis - The FAA Group

    The FAA Group's focus is to promote reliable and consistent forage analysis to help farmers and feed advisers maximise the benefits of silage in feeding rations. Understanding the nutritional quality of silages is the basis of ration formulation which can optimise yields, reduce emissions and save on costs. Find out more on our website

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