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Full Range N.Z. Rising PLATEMETERS -Manual, Digital, Bluetooth,
+Soil Testing - pH, Compaction Testers, Spears, Building Ventilation and Hydor Sock Systems.

Products & Services

  • Platemeters

    The best solution to improving farm profitability is to produce more from what you can grow best at HOME– ie Grass. Your grass on your Farm is your Cheapest & most versatile feed. Effective management can increase your grass yields by 15-30%. Using a Platemeter to measure grass regularly, animals can be turned into and, as importantly, out of the fields at the right time, as per AHDB advice. This ensures you can avoid both over and under grazing - both of which can result in lower yields. Originating from low cost New Zealand Dairy farming, Platemeters are now well-established in the UK. They give an accurate weekly indication of grass available in KgDM/Ha (Kilograms of dry matter per hectare) for all grazing platforms, in which order to graze and which to conserve. F200, F300 and F400 Digital models come with FREE P-Plus Software for record keeping + the important Grazing Wedge. Historical data can also be viewed to determine how each paddock is performing and might be improved. With low Milk, Beef & Lamb prices, it’s essential to maximise your Own Farm Resources. Platemeters help you grow grass as a crop – like Maize/Wheat/Barley etc. Improve Grazing Efficiency – Budget Feed Costs – Increase Profitability Platemeters measure average grass Height & Density, showing yield in KgDM/Ha. Sward Assessment – Platemeters are the most accurate way of assessing the best time to let cows into & remove from pastures Sward Budgeting - To Plan Grazing availability ahead of time & make the most of grazed grass over the entire grazing season. What are the Benefits? Accurate measurements with a Platemeter enables the farmer: - To grow Grass Efficiently, Harvest it & Feed it efficiently Advisers indicate 15-30% efficiency improvements & much improved grassland management, improving feed cost budgeting & better fertiliser placement. Grazed grass is the cheapest form of forage & the key to improving profitability in any Livestock enterprise.
  • Hydor Ventilation Sock System

    A Sock Ventilation System supplies fresh air without draughts to all parts of the building to dilute airborne pathogens and irritants. This system is particularly suitable for calf housing, smaller cow sheds and equine facilities. Features & Benefits of the Hydor Tube Ventilation System Positive air movement Air distribution to the animal’s immediate environment Reduced cases of pneumonia due to improved air quality and even temperature Simple installation Low running costs Up to 100ft tube with holes positioned according to a customer’s requirements Especially designed for the calf house Extending through the length of the shed above animal height the system provides a constant, positive supply of fresh air to the animal’s immediate location, diluting foul air and ensuring even temperatures irrespective of outside weather conditions. Dust, cobwebs, condensation, humid atmosphere and damp beds are all a precursor to pneumonia and health problems; furthermore a lack of adequate ventilation leads to a build-up of ammonia and micro-organisms. The Tube Ventilation System has been proven to reduce cases of pneumonia as a result of damp and humid air conditions, particularly in calves.
  • Bird Scarers

    Scarecrow 180° is a well researched bio-acoustic bird dispersal system using natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds. Works equally well in the field or in buildings, feed passageways and silage clamps. Good examples of Effective control: Pigeons on OSR - Crows attacking Silage Clamps - Starlings in Feed Passages/Livestock sheds. They are highly effective as you can change the Distress Calls to a different bird call setting that will also alarm that particular Pest species. e.g.. - Starlings are easily frightened by other bird species such as Seagulls, Birds of Prey Bird Calls etc. etc. Starlings are easily frightened by Seagulls as they take young Starling Chicks. Most birds get used to Banger type Bird Scarers after 2-3weeks.
  • Soil Compaction Testers

    The Agreto penetrometer combines Austrian precision with a strong Stainless steel construction to give a high quality simple to use Soil Compaction tester. Accessories:- 13mm replacement tips 19mm replacement tips Meets requirements of FETF214P RPA Grant
  • Haymeters

    The Agreto HFM II Haymeter is a professional handheld measuring instrument for determining moisture and temperature of baled hay, straw and haylage. +/-0.8% Accuracy - 3 different lengths - Measures Moisture - Up to 50% 5 Year Warranty