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The market leaders in automatic dipping and flushing, now available with InVent – intelligent teat-by-teat venting for stress free and comfortable milking.

ADF Milking is an award winning company that has been recognised by dairy experts for its innovation.

Products & Services

  • ADF InVent

    ADF InVent is intelligent teat-by-teat in-liner venting. ADF InVent continuously controls vacuum levels inside the mouthpiece chamber of the liner on each teat throughout milking, ensuring cow comfort, maximising milk flow and minimising teat damage. ADF InVent introduces clean, filtered air into the mouthpiece of the liner when vacuum rises to a threshold level. This reduces vacuum levels back into the safe zone enabling milk to flow as fast as possible. ADF InVent treats every teat individually– controlling and optimising vacuum levels to keep within the “sweet spot” throughout milking.
  • ADF Essential

    ADF Essential has been specifically designed with smaller scale farms in mind. You get all the automated instant dipping and flushing functionality that ADF is well known for, but in a newly streamlined design. Quick and easy to install, ADF Essential offers unrivalled value for money – the essential tool for every dairy farmer. Up to 40% cheaper than previous ADF systems, ADF Essential offers unrivalled value for money for every dairy farmer. Now available from just £799 per milking point.
  • ADF Referral Programme

    Do you know a dairy farmer who would benefit from having an ADF system installed on their farm? Simply complete the form below with your details and the details of your referral. As a thank you, you will receive up to £350 for a popular multi-retailer gift voucher company. You’ll be awarded a £50 voucher upon completion of a farm visit. PLUS a £300 voucher upon confirmation of an order for a new ADF system.


  • ADF Milking Product Range

    There is now an ADF System to suit everyone. ADF Milking have made it easier for you to find the right Automatic Dipping and Flushing system for your dairy farm. Discover the new ADF product range and choose for yourself the ADF System to suit your parlour, your herd and your budget.
  • ADF InVent - How it works

    Introducing ADF InVent, the 6th generation of the ADF MILKING system, that now brings you the ultimate in cow comfort and unrivalled precision. The new ADF InVent milking cluster continuously controls vacuum levels on each teat individually resulting in calmer cows, less teat damage, higher yields and faster milk let down.
  • ADF Referral Programme

    Do you know a dairy farmer who could benefit from having the ADF System? Watch our explainer video to find out how you can earn up to £350 in gift vouchers every time you recommend ADF to a new customer, thanks to our new Customer Referral Programme.
  • Customer Story - Jim Struthers, Andrew Struthers & Son

    Scottish dairy farmer Jim Struthers of Andrew Struthers & Son has had the ADF System installed on his milking parlour since 2004. Find out why he would recommend the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system to every dairy farmer.
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