EnviroCare Teat for Robots is a naturally derived, lactic acid based teat dip which has been proven against E. coli and Streptococcus, and leaves cows’ skin soft and nourished.

Available in addition to EnviroCare Teat dip, this new formula runs through robotic milking sprayer nozzles freely, whilst providing all of the benefits of the original.

It is buffered to maintain a pH level where lactic acid is most active, is organically certified and can be washed into slurry stores without disrupting bacterial populations.

The formula contains a natural surfactant (derived from coconut oil) to help dissolve and remove dirt, oils and milk remnants from the teat end, further reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

Moisturisers are included which leave the cow’s skin soft and nourished, in contrast to iodine and its blue colour provides full visibility.

EnviroCare Teat for Robots is available in IBC’s and 200L drums direct from EnviroSystems.