BioSecurity + Security = Peace Of Mind

Sometimes certain products come along and make the hairs on your neck stand-up, here at Miracle Tech we believe BioSentry to be one of those products! This product is very hot off the press and we are thrilled to be involved in it.

After a long time in development Rational Labelling has now launched a revolutionary product to enhance both BioSecurity and physical security on farm, while at the same time ensuring you conform not only to the letter, but also to the spirit of various regulations. BioSentry is a digital, connected Visitor’s Book.

Offered as a very low cost subscription service, with the required hardware provided free of charge, BioSentry ensures:

• You get notified if anyone visiting your farm has been in an infected area or exclusion zone, even if abroad
• You know who is on your farm at any time, including their photographs, simply by checking the BioSentry app on your mobile phone.
• You can send collective messages to all your current visitors with interesting or pertinent information
• You can rest assured the people entering your farm are genuine and not undercover activists or other ill-meaning individuals
• There is a digital record of your visitors watching any safety videos you provide, protecting you from litigation in case of an accident
• There is an easy way to cross-check actual time on-site of contractors against time invoiced
• Your visitor record keeping is GDPR compliant

Miracle Tech Ltd distributes BioSentry to the UK Dairy industry
More information can be found on, or by contacting George at Miracle Tech 01280 847305 or Apos at BioSentry on 01280 840988.