Progiene, Rumenco’s dairy hygiene division, have taken on the distribution of the Ecolab farm hygiene product portfolio and have launched Flexigard Spray, a new, BPR* approved post-milking lactic acid teat spray.

According to Progiene’s Business Unit Manager Alison Clark, “In Flexigard Spray, we believe we have found the perfect addition to complement the well-established Ecolab dairy hygiene range.”

Flexigard Spray has been formulated to be sprayed through conventional or automated systems, including robotic milking equipment and contains lactic acid, a broad-spectrum biocide with proven efficacy against the environmental and contagious pathogens that can lead to clinical and sub-clinical mastitis infections.  Flexigard Spray is designed to be film forming to improve coverage and contact time on the teat skin to protect for longer and has a low drip formulation for reduced wastage so that Flexigard Spray stays on the teats and not on the floor!!  Additionally, the strong blue colour of Flexigard Spray provides a visual check that all cows have been sprayed or dipped prior to leaving the milking parlour.  Flexigard Spray has been trialled on UK and European farms with 100% of the farms reporting a drop in their antibiotic use.  The same number of farmers reported that whilst trialling Flexigard Spray, teat skin condition had improved which had also led to a reduction in time spent cleaning teats at the following milking.

“Mastitis treatment and control continues to be one of the largest costs to dairy farmers through costly treatments, discarded milk, a reduction in yields, premature culling and the extra labour required to tend to mastitic cows.  With each case costing in excess of £200 per cow, there is significant demand for innovative new management solutions. More so now, with antibiotic resistance concerns leading to an emphasis on prevention measures,” she said.

Flexigard Spray is manufactured by Ecolab with Progiene having the sole distribution rights in the UK.

“This range offers the farmer an increased choice of products with the confidence that Flexigard has full BPR* approval against mastitis causing pathogens including yeast.  The use of effective teat dips form part of a good mastitis management plan and should be part of a proactive approach in reducing infection levels on farm”.

Progiene is currently offering a free bodywarmer with each 1000 litres purchased. Visit for more information.

*Biocidal Product Regulations.