The ring-top family is a good example

One of our starting points is that everything we do is based on customer insights. So, we’re often to be found on farms for discussions and to work in the business. It provides us with an enormous amount of information straight from our target group. That information forms the basis for developing new products, like the Ring Top.

During one of our business visits, we discovered the frustration of farmers when setting up portable fencing with posts and pigtail heads. As the heads become tangled up, it takes longer than necessary to actually put up the portable fencing. We discovered that the posts that were being used already, often shorted because movement had caused the wire to cut into the sleeve. Some posts were on the ground, because of insufficient grip in difficult soil.

This provided us with plenty of inspiration to develop a new concept where convenience and time savings were the motivating factors. The principle of the Ring Top was born. It started with the Ring Top post in 2017. All over the world, the head of the post was recognised as time-saving when putting up fencing, but above all it was recognised for its durability. Due to the inventive hard plastic head, this post lasts much longer and as the head contains no iron, there is no shorting due to wear.

New introductions in 2020
So, we continue to expand the Ring Top range. Last year, we introduced the Ring Top offset double (colour white). With this offset, it is easy to separate livestock in two adjacent fields.

This year, we are introducing the Ring Top offset double in the colour terra, as well as the multi-wire Ring Top Post. Your clients can use it to build portable fencing for smaller animals, such as sheep and calves, with all the convenience of the Ring Top.

Multi-wire ring top post – our designers in New Zealand have developed a solution that can be used to keep several types of animals behind one portable fence. Ideal for farmers who graze cows or calves or for farmers who graze cows in the spring, but sheep at the end of the season. There is no need to adjust the portable fencing.

NEW – The Multi-wire Ring Top post has several movable insula-tors, making it easy to put up fencing at the required height. As the wires can be tensioned at different heights, these fenc-ing posts are also extremely suitable for fencing off pastures with animals of different heights. The post has a patented top insulator that prevents the wire from wearing through. The sturdy foot plate with double pin means the post is easy to put up and that the post is extra stable after it has been put up. The Multi-wire Ring Top Post has the Gallagher Twist & Lock system.

Ring top post – with a maximum fencing height of 0.85 m this post is particularly suitable for cows without calves.

○ 35% time savings, because the offsets do not become tangled up.
○ 100% resistant to wear, tangling and impact.
○ Long lifespan.
○ Ergonomic in use, easy to set up.
○ Wear-resistant strong foot with double pin.

Double offset – one post and one energizer for two fences. With the Ring Top Offset Double, a livestock farmer can separate animals in adjacent pasture in a few seconds. At the request of users, we now offer the Ring Top Offset in the colour terra.

○ Super strong version.
○ No shorting, due to hard-wearing material.
○ Safe for the animals.
○ Available in the colours white and terra.