DeLaval Evanza milking cluster has the first cartridge liner in the world, including a Clover™ liner ensuring improved teat condition and comfort, and a new modularised cluster range. It offers twice the life time of our conventional liners. The service time is three times faster on average than a conventional liner, having an effortless cartridge exchange, twist to open, twist to close. DeLaval Evanza milking cluster provides improved working ergonomics together with, as seen in our test farms, an increase in milk flow of up to 9 %, higher yield up to 5 % and reduced milking time by up to 7 %.
In terms of sustainability, on top of longer exchange intervals, the new materials used in the cartridge are 100 % recyclable, preserving the environment.
The new DeLaval Evanza milking cluster can be used on any conventional milking system such as stanchion systems, parallel parlours, herringbone parlours, tandem parlours and rotaries. Additionally, the DeLaval OptiDuo can be used in a wide range of situations, including barns with 5% slopes and different width alleys, as well as on farms with multiple barns.