A biological treatment for unblocking slurry channels and liquifying dense sludge in hard to reach corners of slurry stores will be launched at Dairy-Tech.

According to Sally Russell from Envirosystems, Shift-It contains “a high concentration of sludge-digesting bacteria and fibre-melting enzymes.”

She says sludge blockages and residues are broken down and consumed as a nutrient source by trillions of vigorous friendly bacteria, converting nitrogen, sulphur and other plant nutrients into bacterial biomass.

“Farmers who understand how a cow’s rumen works can readily see the parallel,” she adds. “Starting with a serious problem, this produces high value, easy flowing, plant food. The bugs also oxygenate the slurry, making it much more friendly to soil microbes than typical anaerobic material.”

Sally Russell says it is not inevitable that slurry stores develop a sludge base, liquid middle and crust on top. Once de-sludging and unblocking problem situations has been achieved, she suggests that ongoing treatment with standard strength slurry bugs can prevent them recurring.

SlurryBugs Shift It is available in 1.0kg pots, costs £299/pot, and comes with comprehensive instructions for use.

Envirosystems, Dairy-Tech stand no B19. Tel 01772 860085. www.envirosystems.co.uk