Dairymaster has always put a strong emphasis on energy efficient products, time and labour-saving technologies and investing in sustainable solutions to future proof your farm. Dairymaster continues to invest in R&D to provide next generation technology and products.

DairyVue360 is a complete farm management platform, recording, analysing and displaying data for both the equipment and the cows. It combines current milk production data with herd fertility and heath and 3rd party data such as milk recording to provide a holistic 360 degree view of the farm operations. it has been developed with a complete re-architecture from the ground up to create a platform for connecting the entire farm ecosystem into the future. DairyVue360 takes advantage of the latest connectivity protocols to deliver real time connectivity to the milking parlour- on farm, remotely and via mobile. it is designed to interface with existing Dairymaster connected equipment and developments in the future.