IceRobotics launches Daily Lameness Alerts within CowAlert system to become the most advanced and accurate fertility and health monitoring system available.  

Edinburgh, Scotland, November 10th, 2017 – IceRobotics, have announced the availability of their new, cost-effective daily Lameness Alerts. With an easy-to-use module add-on for your CowAlert system, it has never been simpler to get instant and accurate information on your herd’s lameness status.

The CowAlert Lameness Alert is the only solution on the market that allows you to constantly monitor lameness within your herd. Removing subjective mobility scoring, the Lameness Alert system has a detailed algorithm to track each cows’ specific behaviour making it reliable information for the farmer. The module will then calculate when your cow is beginning to walk differently or lie down more frequently alerting the farmer to a potential problem. Each cow will be given a colour code allowing the user instant visual understanding of their herd’s current lameness situation. Those marked as red have been alerted as having a high probability of lameness and should be investigated. Those marked as orange are flagged as potentially being lame or likely to become lame, this orange colour allows the user to intervene early and diagnose the cow before it has an impact on production levels. Cows marked as blue have been diagnosed by the user and are under investigation. Those marked as green are seen as healthy cows with no issues.

“Lameness in dairy cattle is a significant issue for health, welfare and productivity,” says Douglas Armstrong, CEO, IceRobotics. “Our unique lameness detection feature allows the farmer to monitor their cows continuously and intervene early.”

Early detection of lameness and intervention will reduce drops in production levels, increase fertility rates and ultimately improve animal welfare. With the CowAlert Lameness Detection module the farmer will receive daily alerts which are highlighted on the dashboard along with functional graph overviews including group functionality and herd lameness history. CowAlert’s group functionality allows you to examine the lameness status of each animal, management groups and whole herd.

“The lameness alerts highlight the cows that we need to examine and creates a daily inspection list. We see this as another valuable tool in our lameness toolbox which is helping us to pick up lame cows earlier and reduce the herd’s lameness,” states Jacqui Browne of Pomeroy Farm, Wiltshire, farmer to a 600-strong herd.

The IceRobotics Lameness feature comes as a module within their leading fertility and health monitoring system, CowAlert. This system uses a combination of highly accurate data analysis software and robust wireless sensors to provide the most accurate heat detection capabilities on the market.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, IceRobotics has over 15 years of agriculture technology experience and a trusted by animal behaviour scientists across the world for research into livestock productivity, health and welfare.

“With over 15 years of experience in developing AgriTech solutions, we understand the concerns farmers, researchers and vets can have,” says Douglas Armstrong, CEO, IceRobotics. “We have used our expertise to specifically design a very easy and secure fertility and health monitoring system, making the CowAlert introduction as stress-free as possible and making it easier for farmers to compete in this competitive environment. Monitoring your herd couldn’t be easier using the CowAlert software.”

With the new Lameness Alerts module, everything is about simplicity. The installation of the module is as easy as a click of a button, whereby the CowAlert software is already installed into your farm along with the monitoring tags IceQubes connected to the rear leg of your animal.  Thanks to the unique CowAlert technology, IceRobotics has made it very quick for farmers to operate and determine at first glance what animals need attention, whether that be ill health or fertility. Users can quickly gain access to their CowAlert system via desktop or a mobile device as long as an internet connection is available.  Once fitted with the CowAlert system, users will wonder what they ever did before the high-tech technology was installed.

With the increase in animal welfare and the current milk pricing situations, farmers should be thinking about what is the best system to fit their personal needs and improve the functionality of their business. To find out more about the new Lameness Detection module, visit, call +44 131 541 2010 or email