Domestication of cows and the exponential rise in their milk production has led to a bigger challenge for those involved in their day to day management. All areas of dairy cow management are interlinked, bringing challenges to areas such as fertility and nutrition where a high level of knowledge and interaction is needed between the specialists in each field. As we see a greater emphasis put onto meaningful evidence to inform decisions, we are seeing systems and devices that can provide that evidence, leading and gaining traction in the industry.

For over 10 years, the eCow pH and temperature monitoring FarmBolus has been the “go-to” choice for trials and research globally. This is because it measures and records the most accurate and reliable pH data over the longest lifespan of any bolus available.

Brand new for 2018 is the eCow VetPack, designed to support vets and specialist consultants on-farm and is intended to be the first intervention when SARA (Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis) is suspected on-farm. The eCow Working alongside the vet or advisor, VetPack contains everything needed for a farm to start monitoring pH and temperature in their dairy herd.