BouMatic presents the e-DIP, the milking unit which enables the automation of post-dip, disinfection and rinsing of the cluster (by backflush).

The system is modular and adapts to the needs of the dairy farmer. The ingenuity and singularity of the system are such that it enables the automatic application of post-dip directly underneath the teat. The e-DIP system is built into the renowned Flo-Star MAX claw from BouMatic. The farmer can, therefore, take advantage of the milking performance of the Flo-Star MAX claw, which is already the market reference, and all the BouMatic milking liners, by combining them with the dip and disinfection automation. This system enables the grouping together in a single equipment of the tedious and repetitive but essential tasks for better control of milk quality. The system also enables significant time savings for milking and regular application. At the same time, the user can save on the quantities of product used through the automation of the e-DIP system.

e-DIP brings together and automates three operations: post-dip, disinfection of the liners and backflush. The end-of-milking signal triggers the post-dip; the system sprays the post-dip product with a foaming effect on the teat, then once the claw is removed, the product-delivery circuit is rinsed and dried with filtered air. Next, the cluster is disinfected with OxyBrosse (a BouMatic product based on peracetic acid) then rinsed with clear water and dried with filtered air. Finally, rinsing (backflush) is performed once the previous steps have been completed, by injecting clear water through a specific valve upstream from the claw to rinse the entire milk tube, claw and milking liners. Each operation can be managed independently and activated or not according to the needs of the dairy farmer.

The ingenuity of the system is that it enables automatic application of the post-dip product directly underneath the teat. The product is delivered by a pipe situated on the inside wall of the liner from the claw and then applied, with a foaming effect, precisely in the right place, which is on the teat and the sphincter. This is contrary to the way other systems on the market work, which inject the product from the top of the liners.

The system also provides optimal efficiency while controlling the product quantities. Only the necessary quantity of the dip product is applied. Therefore, there is no loss, and the product consumption and costs are controlled. Furthermore, the exclusive BouMatic system provides the farmer with a large choice of dip products in the BouMatic range, such as the BlueMAX Premium (chlorine dioxide), HexiSpray (chlorhexidine) or one of the other products in the iodised UdderDip and UdderStar Spray range.

BouMatic Robotics presents its new single box and double box milking robots: the MR-S2 and MR-D2 – improved accuracy and performance

The new milking robots carry among their many other state-of-the-art features, BouMatic Robotics innovative robot arm that fetsches two cups at once, a 3D waterproof stainless-steel camera and a milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count. The motive behind all upgrades is always to improve upon overall milking efficiency and box performance as well as cow comfort. On-farm testing with the new robots have proven an unrivalled attaching accuracy and performance efficiency.

BouMatic Robotics new robot arm consists of a mechanical head that allows the arm to fetch two teat cups at once resulting in an extremely efficient arm movement. By reducing the arm movement, this double grabber increases the cow throughput and maximizes box performance. This feature is now standard equipment on all MR-S2 and MR-D2 milking robots. As well, the robot’s vacuum system has been increased to a larger capacity. Enabling for a more stable vacuum level results in a faster and better milking process. 

The MR-S2 and MR-D2 are equipped with a change of software to create an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard for the dairy farmer and his dealer. All BouMatic Robotics dealers will be able to monitor their installed milking robots more easily and set milking parameters according to their client’s needs. The new dashboard is mobile adaptive, allowing the farmer and his dealer to easily access their data anywhere, at any time on their smartphone or tablet.

The camera system is now a time of flight automation which together with improved software enables a quick and almost immediate reaction on the cow’s movement. Effectively, the attaching process is done with a high accuracy and speed to deliver a new level of performance efficiency. The camera is of rugged stainless steel designed for the harsh environment of a dairy. It has also been given a flat face for easy cleaning, ensuring it will be kept clean for the next cow.

New as option into the MR-S2 and MR-D2 milk robots, is the milk monitoring instrument for Somatic Cell Count, allowing the farmer to monitor his cow’s health and treat preventively when necessary. The instrument takes a milk sample during the milking itself, which is analyzed for sub-clinical mastitis based on Somatic cell count (SCC) during the earliest stages. This highly sensitive device, allows the farmer to intervene quickly if necessary and monitor the trend and variation in the SCC. Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis followed by the appropriate treatment reduces the risk of contamination and reduces the use and cost of antibiotics. Chances of recovery are increased and loss of milk yield is prevented.

BouMatic Robotics is well-known for its fresh and unconventional vision on robot milking. Milking from behind and the ideal
udder preparation in line with the BouMatic milking philosophy already sets the company apart from the industry. With these
new boxes automated milking reaches a new dimension with outstanding performance and box efficiency.