Aquapulise is a low cost, totally natural, organic, non-chemical water technology which delivers enviromental, sustainability and commercial benefits across a number of sectors including dairy farming.

Benefits to dairy farming:

  • Proven increased water intake per cow resulting in increased milk yield.
  • Water is more palatable so more consumed by the animal
  • Suspended solids including pollutants are reduced to nanoparticles and are easily flushed from storage tanks. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are significantly reduced. 
  • High initial concentrations of sulphates, iron and hard water components (mainly calcium) significantly reduce
  • Ph may alter to be closer to that of a cows stomach (in both hardest and most acidic water sources)
  • Biofilm is reduced or eliminated
  • Bacterial contamination is significantly reduced- anecdotal & research trial evidence of significant SCC & mastitis reduction
  • Evidence of imprved fertility on trial farms
  • Anecodotal evidence for general health improvement across the herd, leading to reduced treatment costs and veterinary interventions