The system washes, sanitises, stimulates and dries the cows teats all in one quick automatic routine. This speeds up prep time and milking time by improving milk flow. The cluster unit is for a less amount of time to help improve teat condition. One trip to the cow means a smoother more efficient prep routine is carried out – a huge demand for farms in this day and age.

We now have a system to customise to any farm – we understand a smaller farm may want to spend less than a larger farm. We can now customise our new system to accommodate to have different features and materials of the system so that it is now made affordable to any dairy farmer. We do this even down to what material the enclosures are manufactured from. We can supply on-farm chemical mixing which means the disinfectant is manufactured at a cheaper cost actually on the farm. This again can all be customised. We can offer electric as well as pneumatic systems to save furthermore money to a smaller herd milking below 150 cows.

Our new system has a snap fit cover with a direct drive system meaning reliability has been increased substantially and changing brushes has never been so easy.

Lightest teat scrubber on the market in the world along with being the most reliable.

Has a light on the hand held device so even in a dark parlour we cna improve your routine and increase effiency of the cleaning.

Saving money on vet bills through less mastitis means return on investment can be claimed back very fast. We offer a cost calculator quotation to customers so they can input their current costs and it will show predicted savings across the year.

Helping lower bactoscans has seen our product enable farmers to achieve a bonus on their milk cheque.

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