Trusti Pasteur Pro

New hi-tech pasteurisation unit for colostrum includes automated programs for heating, cooling, thawing and warming

A new hi-tech unit for the pasteurisation of colostrum – the Trusti Pasteur Pro – will be launched by Dairy Spares at Dairy Tech [at Stoneleigh Park on 1st February].

Developed by New Zealand company Antahi, the new Trusti Pasteur Pro provides dairy farmers with an easy-to-use automated system for accurately and ‘safely’ pasteurising colostrum in Trusti colostrum bags.

Users can choose from 7 different programs for heating, cooling, thawing and warming. For example, one program heats colostrum to 60˚C for 60 minutes to achieve pasteurisation and then cools it down to 39˚C for feeding to the calf. Another program will cool it further for storage.

The Pasteur Pro also includes a quick-thaw program where frozen colostrum can be quickly thawed in pre-heated water. Thawing a frozen 4-litre Trusti bag of colostrum will then take just 20 minutes (and even less time for 2-litre bags). Thus a new-born calf can receive its first feed sooner.

The Pasteur Pro unit can be easily connected to a mains water supply or it can be manually filled. It can handle up to 8 litres of colostrum held in Trusti bags, e.g. 2 x 4-litre bags or 4 x 2-litre bags. These are placed on a rack inside the unit which enables water to circulate constantly around them to heat or cool them.

Water temperature is very stable and will fluctuate only a minimal amount around the set temperature. This is achieved thanks to the high accuracy of the thermometers, the insulated unit, and the unique Trusti Pasteur programming.

The presentation and functionality of the Trusti Pasteur Pro is significantly advanced compared to the original unit developed by Antahi. Users of the new Pasteur Pro can enjoy 7 automated program options (or 5 if manually filled, as programs with cooling require mains water connection), and an audio function which updates the user on the status of the program. There is a choice of 10 different languages for the audio and control panel instructions. LED lights on the control panel change colour with the water temperature, making it easy to see the stage of a program.

A complete system

The Trusti Pasteur Pro is supplied as a complete colostrum-handling system: it also includes equipment for feeding the calf directly from the bag. Two options are included: a standard teat and cap attachment to the bag, and a Trusti Tuber and cap attachment.

The Trusti Pasteur Pro system consists of: a lidded water-bath unit with accurate in-built thermometers; 3 x 4-litre and 3 x 2-litre Trusti Colostrum Bags; a metal support frame to ensure good flow of water around the bags; a Trusti Tuber mouthpiece, tube and cap; a teat and cap; a Quick Setup guide; a water drainage tube and quick connector; a marker pen for recording dam’s details and dates onto colostrum bags; and a cleaning brush to allow thorough cleaning of the colostrum bags which are re-usable.

With a recommended retail price of £2,495 +VAT, the Trusti Pasteur Pro is available through Dairy Spares’ nationwide network of stockists. For details of their nearest retailer, farmers can contact Dairy Spares on 01948 667676 or



Photocaption: The new Trusti Pasteur Pro provides automated pasteurisation and cooling of fresh colostrum, and fast thawing of frozen colostrum.


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