Award Winning Irish manufacturing firm Grass Technology have launched a NEW 10m dribble bar onto the UK market. It Features a leading Alrena Macerator AND IS PRICED AT 2022 9m Levels.

Using our experience and expertise as Europe’s most successful Zero Grazer manufacturer we entered the UK Slurry market with Tankers and spreaders four years ago. Initial successful launches of 7.5m low emission spreaders led us to develop this new 10m variant for 2023 that reduces travel and storage height. The Alrena’s 12 self-sharpening blades make light work of all solid matter, even bits of wood or plastic!

An auto-reverse function clears unlikely blockages. Grant Eligible this Chassis mounted spreader Weighs JUST 595kg’s even With Breakaway booms–as these are Laser cut, so incredibly lightweight but strong. Simple, reliable in cab controls that only require one set DA spools are included as is a Stone trap and LED lighting for protection.

Award Winning Irish manufacturing firm Grass Technology have used the 10 years’ experience and expertise of being Europe’s highest selling & most successful Zero Grazer manufacturer to enter both the Irish and UK Slurry market with TANKERS and SPREADERS over the last Four years. For 2023 our tankers benefit from extra capacity at No extra cost.

Our 1,600g RECESSED Single Axle TANKER is now a 1,750g Capacity. 2,300g is now 2,450g. 2,600g is now 2,750g.

4,000g RECESSED Twin Axle TANKER is now a 4,100g Capacity. Plus we have a COMPLETELY NEW MODEL–a 5,000g TRI AXLE TANKER NOW AVAILABLE.

Our 2023 Full Range of Slurry Tanker Capacities (UK Gallons) is: SINGLE AXLE=1,750/2,000/2,450/2,750/3,000.

TWIN AXLE=3,000/3,500/4,100/4,500.


We are also currently looking for dealers in some areas.