Dyneval’s award-winning Dynescan is a portable instrument for precise measurement of semen quality for bovine, equine, swine, ovine, and other species. Powered by Dyneval’s proprietary software, the Dynescan delivers reliable measurements of the percentage progressive motility (% motility) and spermatozoa’s mean speed (micron/second). Designed for dual-mode operation, the Dynescan allows for visual inspection in addition to automated, objective measurement.

Our automated and precise measurement technology can analyse fresh, frozen or sexed semen within minutes and without the need for any additional equipment. Dynescan requires minimum training, is robust and portable, and can be used in a clinic or lab or by the pen side.

Dynescan technology can help the food-production industry move towards net-zero by making better decisions to optimise production efficiency.

  • Assess bull fertility and eliminate poor quality semen prior to Artificial Insemination
  • Make well-informed decisions to enhance herd management
  • Increase conception rates by up to 20%
  • Increase profits on the average UK dairy farm of £37k /year
  • Reduce methane emissions by up to 10%

We are excited to be exhibiting at Dairy-Tech 2022. Visit us at stand B173 to view our product, chat with our team, and BOOK A TIME SLOT to see the Dynescan in action.

 For more information, please call 07594 649214, email us at contact@dyneval.com.