New Zealand-based on-farm technology company Levno is now rolling out its milk monitoring solution in the UK & Ireland. 

The solution delivers the time-critical insights both the farmer and milk processor need to guarantee the production of high-quality milk and optimise its collection, bringing better financial returns on both sides of the farm gate.

Used on over 8,000 farms, Levno is the market leader in on-farm monitoring in New Zealand. 

In addition to milk monitoring, Levno has solutions for fuel, water, feed and slurry management, all of which deliver tangible benefits including:

  • Farmers & growers create less waste and more sustainable and compliant operations.
  • Milk processors benefit from higher milk quality and more efficient milk tanker routing.
  • Feed & fuel suppliers achieve lower logistics costs and greater customer loyalty.
  • Regulatory bodies automatically get the data they need to confirm on-farm compliance.