This creates a path to ongoing prevention of existing and emerging problems.

As part of the Advanced Mobility program, we begin by giving our clients’ a clear overview of the herd’s situation, using cow based assessments including animal records, mobility and digital dermatitis scores. Using a systems-based approach we identify the specific risks within the farm system that are contributing to lameness and poor mobility. We provide our clients’ with the understanding of the physical, environmental and nutritional influences contributing to both infectious and non-infectious disease (lameness), allowing fact-based solutions to be advised in order of priority. Regular reviews of animals and records allows progress to be monitored and the plan updated as required.

“Advanced Mobility applies a stepwise, logical approach to building foot health, starting with robust, systematic assessment combined with detailed technical support. Crucially, it recognises the importance of working with the farm team.” Nick Bell, MRCVS 

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