All-new EnviroBed® and EnviroBed Premium cubicle bedding will be on display at Dairy Tech. According to managing director Liz Russell, the entire production process has been re-engineered. 

“We use 100% renewable energy and new high-grade sources of paper crumb,” she explains. “The EnviroBed Premium option includes virgin wood sawdust and micro-shavings to produce a fully sustainable bedding alternative. 

“Along with gentle handing throughout the production process, this enables us to produce what we judge to be the closest to the perfect bedding material available for cow comfort and cleanliness.” 

The company also reports increased production capacity this winter. EnviroSystems claims “ultra-absorbency, higher by up to five and ten-times respectively than sawdust or straw.” 

The new EnviroBed range is biodegradable and compatible with all slurry and manure systems due to its neutral pH. 

Delivery options are bulk, tall tote bags or small bags on request, direct from Envirosystems.

Contact Envirosystems on 01772 860085 or visit