New ComfyCrumb by Envirosystems is an alternative bedding made using the highest-grade paper crumble. 

The paper crumble is screw pressed to ~50% dry matter content and its high absorbency means that urine is quickly absorbed into the bedding, reducing the amount of ammonia given off by soiled bedding, meaning that fewer flies are attracted to the area.

 ComfyCrumb has a neutral pH (~7) and does not require the addition of lime or other chemicals. This ensures that the bedding is kind on skin with no caustic irritation or corrosive properties even from prolonged exposure. 

 The pH also makes the bedding suitable for addition to slurry storage systems without disrupting the bacterial populations essential for the breakdown and retention of nutrients.

 ComfyCrumb is available for delivery direct to farm on artics and 8 wheelers.

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