The Millicans of Low Moor Farm have been working with our co-founder and CTO Simon Travis for a number of years. Through the use of carbon accounting, carbon opportunities were identified and in 2021 follow up reports showed how these changes in practice led to a reduction of carbon emissions by 0.5kg per kg of product sold, and added £60,000 to the farm’s bottom line.

 Low Moor Farm is a 136-hectare dairy farm situated near Newby just south of Penrith, Cumbria, milking in the region of 260 cows. The farm also manages grassland for both grazing and silage for winter forage. The mitigation measures they took to lower their carbon footprint – identified in the carbon management plan – included introduction of beef bull to dairy herd and reduced number of replacements. Other measures were taken to improve nutrient management and forage quality, and also start long term planning for improved productivity such as new technologies and incorporating renewable energy.

 Through this talk, Simon Travis will demonstrate how intrinsically linked carbon reduction is to good business practices, and how farmers such as Millicans can become more efficient and profitable on their journey to Net Zero.