A steady release, high calcium oral capsule to reduce the risk and financial impact of milk fever, and sub-clinical calcium deficiency has been developed by Animax. In carbonate form, Easycal Capsules supply 60g of calcium, which is 40% more than other supplements of this type.

To promote best practice calving protocols, one capsule is given just before or after calving to coincide with the unavoidable dip in blood calcium at the onset of lactation, and unlike other supplements of this type to work in synchrony with natural calcium mobilisation.


If required, additional capsules can be given singly at 12-hour intervals or when needed to high-risk cows. These include those carrying multiple calves or with a history of slow or difficult calvings, overweight or older individuals, and cows with too high or low body condition score. A paste version is also available.

For more information, contact Animax (01359 252181, animax-vet.com) or visit them at Dairy Tech (hall 2, B232a).