Climate computer for dairy barns 

With our Black Box you monitor air movement and cooling in your barn, whenever  you want and wherever you are. It measures temperature and humidity and calculates  THI-values. Is this value too high or low? You can easily change settings with your  app. Checking your barn climate in person is not necessary anymore! 

Collaboration with THI-app  

The Black Box registers and sends input to your mobile device. This makes you  able to check and adjust temperature and humidity anytime and anywhere.  You choose speed and activity of your fans, the box makes sure these fans do what  you want. Our Black Box operates with all fans, from indirect VFD fans to direct  0-10 V fans. And with our new Black Box 4 you can operate both from a distance  and on site. 

Stay in control wherever you are?  

Get your cutting edge Black Box now!

Available from

Magdek Thermal Systems Ltd

Units1/403 LEO, Lisburn, NI and Eithinog Farm, Welshpool, Powys.



Contact name Derek Morgan