Hoofcount is launching a new automated herd lameness scoring system designed to make early detection of potential incidents impacting on up to 20% of a herd.


Called Hoofcount Hoofsense, the management system features a pressure mat installed within a Hoofcount automatic footbath which uses electronic identification and a detection system to gather real time data of a cow’s hoof prints. Her normal gait is recorded along with herd trends, and the system detects any changes in individual and overall herd mobility.


Data is stored in the cloud, and is accessed via a phone App. The herd manager is alerted to any changes in the cow’s gait to enable segregation for checking, and if necessary, early treatment.


Hoofsense also provides any lameness trends that may highlight potential husbandry changes, for example, effectiveness of the herd’s footbathing regime.


The system is initially available for installation or retrofit into Hoofcount’s Excel automatic footbath range.


Contact: Hoofcount 01995 603028


Stand no: B131