The N2 Unit uses revolutionary patented plasma technology to turn livestock slurry into sustainable fertilizer, using just air and electricity. 

A scalable, modular solution, that is easy to adopt on-farm with existing infrastructure, futureproofing UK’s dairy farming industry. 


A two-stage process ‘locks in’ ammonia, preventing losses during storage and field application, as well as eliminating losses of the potent greenhouse gas (GHG), methane. An electrical charge splits the gas molecules in stage one, allowing pure nitrogen and oxygen gas molecules to be reformulated into nitrogen oxides. In stage two, these nitrogen oxides are absorbed into liquid slurry, generating a nitrogen-rich slurry.    


This game-changing technology delivers:  

       A real-world impact solution for net zero & regenerative farming on an industrial scale 

       Measurable year-on-year reduction in carbon footprint by 30% at source, on-farm 

       Eliminates GHG methane loss 

       Eliminates ammonia loss & odour 

       Increases nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) from slurry & soil organic matter 

       Boosts farm productivity & reduces livestock emissions